Apfel des Monats: DigiCMB wird Undercover Patient


Gus von DigiCMB weist auf einen perfekten Weg hin, herauszufinden, was die Nutzer von der lokalen Medizinbibliothek halten: Werde Undercover Patient! Nicht jeder Bibliothekar wird sich zu diesem Zweck gerne selbstverstümmeln wollen, aber es wäre hilfreich. Wir wünschen Gus auf diesem Weg gute Besserung für seine verletzte Kniescheibe! Seine Undercover-Umfrageergebnisse bis jetzt:

„I really like the off-campus access to all the resources and e-journals“ (proxy CMB)
„I use the computers in the Library a lot!“
„The QuickSearch Library Toolbar is very handy, especially at home!“
„I did a few courses of the Library and they were very useful“
„I always start searching from the Central Medical Library Website“

3 comments for “Apfel des Monats: DigiCMB wird Undercover Patient

  1. 23. Februar 2006 at 12:16

    Dear Oliver,
    Thanks very much for your attention and he good wishes! I am working from home now for a couple of weeks, but will be investigate further next week, unfortunately my cover is broken …, but the knee is getting beter … slowly.

  2. ob
    24. Februar 2006 at 9:38

    > my cover is broken

    I would understand if you said „my back is broken“, but your cover? Seriously concerned.

  3. 26. Februar 2006 at 11:33

    My „under“cover is broken. My patella tendon of the right knee WAS ruptured, but now „repaired.
    By the way another very good way to investigate library services is to start as a Medical Student at your organization. This is also less painfull!

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