Biomedical Digital Libraries – neues Journal von BioMed Central

Biomedical Digital Libraries – neues Journal von BioMed Central. Editor-in-Chief ist Charles J Greenberg von der Harvey Cushing / John Hay Whitney Medical Library der Yale University. In seinem Editorial schreibt er: At the core of the founding of Biomedical Digital Libraries is the conviction that open access will push biomedical librarianship forward in new and improved ways. [Via Open Access News]

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  1. ob
    1. Oktober 2004 at 9:16

    Ich habe dem Editor mal eine Mail geschrieben, weil mich die Zusammenstellung des Editorial-Boards doch wunderte.

    Dear Mr. Greenberg,

    I was delighted by the announcement of Biomedical Digital Libraries as I felt the need for an open access publication for these issues too. But studying the editorial board brought me down to earth quite suddenly. How will you ever reach the goals stated in your editorial without not a _single_ editorial board member from outside the states?

    I admire your effort but should not you rename the journal to Biomedical Digital *US* Libraries?

    Regards, Oliver Obst

  2. 1. Oktober 2004 at 9:45

    Im Advisory Board ist immerhin ein Australier. Das gibt doch Anlass zur Hoffnung…

  3. 3. Oktober 2004 at 3:11

    A more careful reading of the Biomedical Digital Libraries editorial staff would reveal that there is a member from Australia, but I agree and would be eager to consider a number of international members at the Advisory lever to participate in blind peer review, under the direction of an associate editor and assigned to a subject-oriented reviewing team.

    News of my journal’s launching have circulated among some parts of the international medical library community for nearly 18 months. I already know I will not be able to attend ICML 9, as I will be on another continent for my other international commitment, ETD 2005. But I hope that there will be adequate representation of BMC and BDL at ICML 9, and I think the success factor for BDL will be attracting international research submissions.

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